New: PLASTICOLOR Weighing Hopper 4 L – for small quantities

The PLASTICOLOR range of products has been completed with a new small weighing hopper suitable for outputs up to 80 L/h. This new compact and low cost weighing hopper is in addition to the already existing weighing hoppers and “Loss-in-Weight” Systems. This unit is designed for granular, free flowing materials and regrinds and can be used in all areas of the plastic processing.


New: Automatic Cleaning of PLASTICOLOR Equipment (patented)

The company of Woywod has newly developed an automatic discharge and cleaning for the PLASTICOLOR volumetric dosing units and mixing stations.

New: PDC Control

Also the new PDC Control has been developed for
dosing units, colour change systems, dosing stations
and volumetric mixing stations.

All modules can be mounted in a choice of flush mounting boxes, desk top casings or 19“ racks.


New: PPM Touchscreen Steuerung

The PPM Control System for the operation of PLASTICOLOR dosing equipment and stations has been expanded. The PPM Software with many different functions for the monitoring and storage of production and error data, as well as for the storage of materials and recipes is now also available for the Touch Screen operation.

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