During the WIRE 2018 exhibition Woywod GmbH & Co. will be showing the range of PLASTICOLOR Dosing Equipment and Mixing Stations. Focus will be on the easy operation, excellent quality of mixture and information about Industry 4.0.


PLASTICOLOR Systems are to be operated easy, comfortable and intuitively with the PPM Touch Screen Control Software (in various languages). Hardly any training is necessary for the operators. On a Touch Screen IPC the system is being visualized and all relevant data will be displayed. The IPC can be connected to the company network.


  • Each dosing station as well as the complete mixing station can be operated with this Software and many individual details will be displayed. All production steps as well as errors are being monitored in real-time. In case of need the operator could make adjustments or can respectively also eliminate and clear the errors. Log files are monitoring errors, changes in the recipe or orders, inputs and other changes. Thus the entire operating schedule will be documented and can be stored.
  • The graphic display makes the comparison between actual and set value very easy for the operator and gives him all the necessary actual data.
  • With the integrated material-, recipe- and order management the operation is made simple and
    the processes are being standardized. In case of error and if remote service is being required, this could be done via TeamViewer.
  • The optional selection of recipes by BAR- or QR-Code gives additional advantages in the operation.

In case of additional equipment being added, these can be integrated without any problem into the Software. The operation of PLASTICOLOR Systems is being made very easy.


By the large number of installations and the practical oriented In-House development a software, tailor-made for the operator is available.